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LWV-Seminole  is very proud of our county’s School District.   SCPS has been awarded straight  As as a district from 2011 through 2015.  Each of our nine high schools is A-rated, and eight of our 12 middle schools earned As.

Thank you, fellow Leaguer and School Board Chairman Karen Almond, for helping us get the word out!

Rachel Castellon, Communications Committee




























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Speak Up Wekiva, LWV Seminole and LWV Florida Natural Resources Committee who attended, and spoke in support of, the fracking ban.

At the February 9, 2016, Seminole County Board of County Commissioners meeting, the Board unanimously voted in favor of an ordinance to ban fracking in Seminole County. Public comment was in complete support of the ordinance.

Link to the ordinance:

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Gun Safety Committee Report

Alice Friedman is an active participant on the League of Women Voters of Florida Gun Safety Committee and has submitted the following report:

The Gun Safety Committee has been challenged as three bills of interest to the Committee are charging through State House and Senate committee hearings. It is very hard to give a valid update as the hearings are constant. Some of the support for these bills is sagging which is encouraging.

The bills are:

HB 163, the “Open Carry” bill passed House Justice Appropriations Committee by a slimmer margin than before and will be heard in the House and Senate Judiciary Committees. Senate version to HB 163 is SB 300

HB 4001, Campus Carry bill was passed by the House Judiciary Committee with a vote of 13-5. It’s set to go to the floor when the regular session starts in January. The Senate version, SB68, is now in Judiciary. No date has been set on when it will be heard.

HB 169, the strengthening of “Stand Your Ground” is dead in the House for now. It would have required prosecutors to prove self-defense “beyond a reasonable doubt”.  Its Senate counterpart, SB344, continues to move through Senate Committees.

The State League Gun Safety Committee has three sub-committees and invites all members to participate. They are Administration, Research and Data Collection, and Media and Communications.

Contact Patti Brigham, Committee Chair, pbrighamlwvoc@gmail.com.